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Music pro x Public Speaker x Event Specialist x moto Enthusiast x Artist

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Khan FM currently leads Spotify’s Artist & Label Partnerships across Pakistan, Sri Lanka & Bangladesh. He played a key role in the launch & expansion of Spotify into these emerging markets ensuring that stakeholders in the music communities are involved & would benefit from Spotify’s tools & future plans in these countries. 

In previous roles, Khan served as a Culture Marketing Manager at Red Bull UAE, whereby he was leading Red Bull Music programs working very closely with artists & event/festival organizations throughout 2012-2015. He is also the Founder of UAE's premier live music program AMPD

Other than holding key positions in the UAE events & media sector, Khan was a significant figure in promoting arts & entertainment between 2003-09 during his role as a TV presenter/producer on ARY Musik TV, providing a platform for several now-prominent global artists.


Khan has also been nominated by The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride to host the 2024 DGR in Dubai, UAE. He holds a certification in Motorcycle mechanics & has been an avid rider for over 15 years leading to being a founding member of the Piston Kings Motorcycle Community. 

Khan majored in Business from Southern New Hampshire University & is an avid music producer & musician holding a certification from Berklee College of Music with various albums crediting his work as well as his own compositions. 

Other interests include fitness, motorcycles & music production.

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